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Manufacturing of hand made 1:18 scale models of racing cars. Each model is individually made for owner/driver of the real car only. DVA Models are not mass produced and not available in stores. 



A collection of  1:43 scale model cars we've created with passion



DVA Dolermo Models was founded off a passion of Giovanni Dolermo.  He started working on model cars as a teenager in Italy.  In the course of the following thirty years this hobby led to a full time job.  Giovanni began working as a prototype maker and made small runs of model cars for race teams and drivers.  In the nineties, his son Andrea (Andy) joined him and in 1995 they started DVA Models Racing Miniatures.  The goal of the business was to make short runs of 1:43 scale models of sport prototypes cars from sixties and early seventies.


In 2000 the family moved to the United States and resides in Maryland.  DVA Dolermo Models, Inc.  officially started on May 10th of that year.  In the following (almost!) 20 years, the company made individually assembled one off hand built models of many different versions of the most famous cars of the era including Porsche 917, Porsche 906, Porsche 908, Ferrari 250P, Fiat Abarths.  They also created models of more modern cars such as the Ferrari F40, 333Sp, and the Cadillac LMP.

In 2012 DVA Dolermo Models, Inc. started to made models of Porsche 997 Cup cars for drivers and teams of the IMSA GT3 cup.  They quickly expanded to models of Porsche Cup cars of other national and international series.

Each model is individually assembled and hand manufactured using the best quality materials and tools. Nothing is mass produced and no two DVA Models are ever exactly the same!



4229 Norrisville Road

White Hall, MD-21161



Tel: 410-926-6777



Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

​​Saturday: 9am - 12pm

​Sunday: Closed

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